Coalition Meeting Minutes

Monthy CoalitionsMeeting Minutes – January 2017

  • Group talked about what the Coalition’s motto, “A community promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding”, means.
  • Promoting (Education) – educating the various disciplines, or groups, in our community who come into contact with breastfeeding women. This includes hospital staff, physicians and their office staff, the health departments, employers and business, such as restaurants.
  • Protecting – doing our part, through promotion and education, to insure that working mothers can be given the opportunity put forth by law to continue to provide their babies with breastmilk. Also, doing what we can to normalize breastfeeding, especially when it involves public settings.
  • Supporting – basically, supporting everything above J
  • The group discussed ways to accomplish the above:
  • Promoting within our Coalition – have a “Sharing” time every other month at our meetings when a member will share knowledge and experiences to further our own knowledge about breastfeeding. This will be limited to 10-15 minutes with about 10 minutes for questions and/or discussion afterward.
  • Physician education – thoughts on sending a periodic email to physicians with a very short “nugget” of information regarding breastfeeding. Short= taking less than a minute to read. Dr. McLeod to write this, since she is a medical peer.
  • Local education/support – several activities were suggested. Since they were all GREAT ideas, we will attempt to do them all! J

1)Rock n’ Relax – have a designated area at a community event for mothers and their young children to relax. Will be set up with rocking chairs and bottles of water.  Other information regarding breastfeeding will be available.

2)Promotion on the WIC Peer Counselor’s Mother Support Group which will be starting in February. It will be held monthly on the first Saturday (except March). All breastfeeding mothers in the community are welcome. Flyers and info to be distributed.

3) Coalition community-wide event to include vendors, activities and breastfeeding information. The “main attraction” will be a mannequin challenge video.  (I thought about this after the meeting: Those babies won’t be still!  Which will be a real CHALLENGE!  Haha.

4) Making “business cards” with an encouraging message to breastfeeding moms on one side and Coalition contact info on the other. Coalition members can carry these cards with them and when they see a mom breastfeeding in public, give her a card and tell her how great she’s doing. Hoping to normalize breastfeeding, especially in public

5) Obtaining “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” window stickers to give out to restaurants and other business. Again, hoping to normalize breastfeeding.

  • Greater Area Education/Conference – The Book Geek was contacted by Leah Arredondo, then Sally Wood. Group felt that prices were high. Shlonda Smith agreed to contact her because she’s worked with her previously. The group decided on the month of October for the conference, depending on availability of the Boob Geek. September is second choice.



  • Conference Speaker – Shlonda Smith                     Will contact Tipper about pricing
  • Coalition Sharing Presentations – Haley Jones       Organize and remind sharers
  • Physician emails – Teresa McCullen                         Contact Dr. McLeod to discuss
  • Rock n’ Relax – Susan Ferrara                                      Identify upcoming event
  • Mothers Support Group – Willicia Dickinson           Send flyer to Sally for distribution
  • Mannequin Challenge Event – Semone Williams     Identify date and location
  • Encouragement cards – Willicia Dickinson               Design cards for next meeting
  • Breastfeeding Stickers – Kimberly Howell                 Obtain stickers


Other Business:

1)         Angela White told the group that there are still many (LOTS) Employers Supporting Breastfeeding Moms folders in the office. Suggestions were made to 1) take them to our events 2) hospital LCs have some to give out as needed 3) give them to businesses who aren’t accepting of the Breastfeeding Welcomed Here stickers 4) Mass mailing to larger companies in the area.   It was suggested that Angela bring a few to the next meeting to make sure all info is current and complete.

2) Semone Williams will be the Coalition’s new secretary.

3) Meetings:    Group decided to revert back to monthly meetings. First Thursday of the month.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 2