From The Lancet 20 January 2016

Breastmilk makes the world healthier, smarter, and more equal: these are the conclusions of a new Lancet Series on breastfeeding. The deaths of 823 000 children and 20 000 mothers each year could be averted through universal breastfeeding, along with economic savings of US$300 billion.

The Series confirms the benefits of breastfeeding in fewer infections, increased intelligence, probable protection against overweight and diabetes, and cancer prevention for mothers. The Series represents the most in-depth analysis done so far into the health and economic benefits that breastfeeding can produce.

Tongue and Lip Tie: How They Impact Breastfeeding


download (1)Adam Hahn DMD, FAGD, LVIF- Dr. Hahn practices general and neuromuscular dentistry at Smile Columbia in Columbia, SC. He has done over 100 laser revisions a year since 2012.

Heather Eckstein, La Leche League Leader –Heather is a mother of eight children, all of whom have had tongue and/or lip tie revisions. She has been helping families as an LLL leader for 8 years.

Presented by the CSRA Breastfeeding Coalition                                      

When:  December 2nd 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Where:  Cradle Club – Suite 310 of Medical Office Building 1

Doctor’s Hospital Campus 3651 Wheeler Rd. Augusta

$10 for those who would like CERPS, free for everyone else!

Application for Continuing Education Recognition Points has been submitted to the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners

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Searching for Excellence: The Breastfeeding Community at Work

NOTES and HANDOUTS – October 30th  Conference featuring Marianne Neifert MD

Please be aware that print copies of the conference materials will not be provided.

6_HANDOUT_Improving the Quality of Your Your Journey

5_HANDOUT_What to Expect_When to Get Help

4_HANDOUT_Early Breastfeeding Screening Form

3 Trouble Shooting Common Problems

2 Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges

1 Baby Friendly Designation- Getting Breastfeeding Right From the Start


ZipMilk: Now in Georgia!

Visit to locate breastfeeding help right in your own back yard! (so to speak)

If you live in Georgia or near the state lines and  need breastfeeding assistance, visit the ZipMilk website, enter your zip code and  search the listed categories for help near your location. Access to helpful resources is associated with longer and  more satisfying breastfeeding experiences.